Greater Yellowstone Geotourism Stewardship Council

A coalition of tourism agencies, business and economic development agencies, land management entities, and conservation organizations are collaborating with the National Geographic Society to foster sustainable travel and tourism in the Greater Yellowstone region.

Scope of Functioning:

The Greater Yellowstone Geotourism Stewardship Council (GYGSC) will: 

1. Serve as a catalyst and guide for local communities to discover, plan for, celebrate, promote, and sustain* their own distinctive geotourism assets.

2. Provide recognition for those individuals, organizations, businesses, agencies, and communities that contribute to the formation and sustainability of geotourism assets.

3. Monitor these assets to help ensure that they are sustained.

4. Support local communities in representing these assets to local, State, regional, and federal organizations and agencies,

5. Support local communities in the protection of these assets, and

6. Encourage and facilitate partnerships and networks for performing the above functions.

The GYGSC will perform these roles by serving as a resource for residents and visitors for information, education, advice, and advocacy. The Greater Yellowstone Geotourism MapGuide and Website are significant resources and tools for succeeding in these roles. The GYGSC would coordinate with and complement the work being done by other organizations and agencies rather than duplicate their work unless there is a clear purpose and advantage for doing so.

(*Sustaining in this usage means environmental, economic, and cultural promotion, preservation, and integrity.)

Council Membership includes representatives from:

  • historic preservation organizations
  • conservation organizations
  • historians and naturalists
  • community and civic organizations
  • native/tribal peoples
  • other minorities
  • traditional or heritage arts
  • schools and other educational institutions
  • agriculture and ranching
  • energy/alternative and renewable energy sector
  • destination management and marketing
  • local and state nongovernmental tourism, economic development, and business organizations
  • local and governmental land, tourism, economic development, and business agencies
  • private geotourism businesses (lodging, food and drink, activities, tours, museums, etc.)
  • other stakeholder groups