Yellowstone Lake-cutthroat habitat at 8,000'

Yellowstone Lake is an amazing fishery that I have been lucky enough to explore for 30 years now.This lake is home to the native Cutthroat trout species that so many other mammals use as protein.From the grizzly's coming out of hibernation,to the otters,osprey,pelicans,herons and eagles,cutthroat trout are crucial to the well being of Yellowstone Park  I have seen cutthroat fishing change over those years,but not all those changes have been bad.

Now the introduced Lake Trout has become a player in this ecosystem,and has had a dramatic effect.

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Latitude: 44.566632 Longitude: -110.344363 Elevation: 7789 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Scott Hocking

How To Participate

Opening day for fishing on Yellowstone Lake is June 15,and that's when the fun begins.Anglers search the shoreline,just freed of ice is the past weeks,for cruising trout on the feed.Water temperature,forage and habitat are the key ingredients in this quest,and trout are the reward.Catch and release is the rule of the lake,and certain precautions are required.

Of course,all native Cutthroat Trout are handled with care,when caught,as they will be immediately released back into the water.Barbless hooks are the rule here,as that will minimize injury to this beautiful fish.

However,there is a different sert of rules for the invasive Lake Trout-catch and kill!The law requires that all Lake Trout must be killed and taken for dinner or returned to the lake as energy that will sustain,not destroy the Cutthroat Trout population.

Program Dates

6/15/2013 – 11/2/2013

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