Mormon Row Historic District

America's most pictured barn anchors Mormon Row, an abandoned farming settlement, posed against the perfect backdrop of the Grand Tetons.

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Latitude: 43.656667 Longitude: -110.618333 Elevation: 6820 ft

About this Establishment

Mormon Row was a distinct agricultural community within Jackson Hole. Though it only lasted two generations, it is an example of the western settlement experience. Mormon Row can be seen as a small taste of the pioneer way of life that many Americans lived in the West. It was inhabited principally by Mormons, and so the farming and irrigation practices are shaped by the Mormon experience on the western frontier.

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Open all the time in the summer

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$25/car; see fee info on park website

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A great trip! Mormon Row offers a plethora of wildlife and history! The buildings and barns give a small taste of what it would have been like to be one of the founding pioneers. Jackson Hole is the absolute BEST place on earth!

Audrey, 9/27/2012

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