Mesa Falls Recreation Area

Upper and Lower Mesa Falls are found along the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway between Ashton and Yellowstone National Park's west entrance.  Lower falls are viewed from an over look high on the canyon.  It is a short walk from the parking area to the overlook.

Upper Mesa Falls is a fee area ($5) that brings you face to face with the power and beauty of the last undisturbed waterfall on the Snake River.  The walkways allow visitors to get close to the falls and experience the rushing water over a 116 foot drop.  A rainbow is visible most mornings, as are the resident osprey, moose, and other wildlife.  The visitor center has videos, historic displays, a museum of skins and skulls of local mammals and a trout aquarium.   There is a gift shop in the visitor center. There are picnic areas and restrooms available.  The fee is also your entry to Harriman State Park and Henry's Lake state park, both on the way to Yellowstone.

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Latitude: 44.1879895 Longitude: -111.3273811 Elevation: 5708 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

Hiking, photographing, birding, bicycling, picniking, and enjoying the beauty and power of nature.

Seasons Accessible

The site is always open, although the visitor center is only open 7 days a week 9:30 - 5:30 from Memorial Day through mid October.  The road is not plowed, so the site is only accessible in winter from skis or snomobiles. 


$5 [er vehicle. We accept Interagency Senior/Golden Age Pass, Interagency Annual Pass and Access Pass, Idaho State Parks Pass, and entrance passes of the day from Harriman and Henry's Lake state parks.


The Falls are spectacular!

R. Hurst, 7/14/2014

Check out this Great Video of the Falls:

Tom Jordan, 4/25/2015

My most favorite place in all of Idaho.... Truly magical!!

Brittany , 2/26/2016

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