McCullough Peaks

Wild horses and other wildlife populate this unique corner of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The pastel-colored badlands and expansive views make this area well worth the visit.

The McCullough Peaks are a treasure trove of prehistoric fossils dating from the Eocene Epoch, 30-60 million years ago. Fossil finds have included crocodile, dinosaur, and mammal bones, as well a innumerable invertebrates. If fossil hunting in the McCullough Peaks however, please obey Bureau of Land Management regulations. A BLM-issued permit is required for the collection of any vertebrate fossils in the McCullough Peaks area.

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Latitude: 44.4710312 Longitude: -108.6753845 Elevation: 4893 ft

Recreational Opportunities

The McCullough Peaks provide great opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, hunting, and scenic drives.

Seasons Accessible

Avoid driving in this area following rain or snowmelt, as the bentonite-laden soils become impassable when wet.

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