Lost Creek to Foster Creek

Uses: Hiking, horseback riding.

Open: 5/15- 11/30.

Description: Traverse the gradual climb next to the roaring creek amidst the sweet scent of pine. Pass a few building ruins before arriving at a mountain meadow about three miles up the trail. Depending on the season, picnic among wildflowers while enjoying the mountain background. This trail is 8 miles to Foster Creek and can be a shuttle from one end to the other or as an in and out. Note: This trail does include several stream crossings.

Trailhead: Heading East of Anaconda, turn left on Hwy 48 and follow the signs to Lost Creek State Park. Park in the lot dedicated to trail users near the waterfall.

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Latitude: 46.201696 Longitude: -112.982849 Elevation: 6179 ft
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Anaconda Chamber

Vertical Gain or Loss

Moderate elevation changes

Trail Distance

0-16 Miles

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