Lodge at Jackson Fork Ranch

Welcome all you obsessed, possessed and those just crazy for abundant wildlife, remote streams, mirrored lakes, and all the other treasures of the Rockies. You've found us - and all you've been dreaming for - an intimate 4-room lodge, some of the world's best fly-fishing, and all in one of the most peaceful and remote parts of Wyoming. So, for all you kindred souls looking for a storied experience you'll never forget, we say, "Welcome" to the Lodge at Jackson Fork Ranch.

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Latitude: 43.1049936 Longitude: -110.5773926 Elevation: 9491 ft
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Lodging Style and Amenities

The lodge sits on a 1300 acre bison ranch at the base of the Wyoming Mountain Range. Luxury casual accommodations. All accommodations are en-suite. Lodge has a sauna, Jacuzzi, study with computer and internet access. Guests can enjoy great fly-fishing for the Wyoming Cutt-Slam as well as horseback riding and hiking for all levels. Winter activities include cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, and snow-mobiling.

Breakfast Style Served

Full and Hearty Breakfast

Season Open

Open year-round. Rates include accommodations and all meals.

Additional Services Available

As an adventurous employee of a Missouri fur trading magnate, Jedediah Smith had an unfortunate encounter with a grizzly bear on his way to finding the mother lode of beaver trapping in what is now Wyoming. More than a few historic accounts give him credit as a pioneer in cosmetic surgery.

After getting patched up, Smith led a small group of men who, in the frigid February of 1824, reached the Green River-indeed the mother lode of trapping at the time. He sent one of his men back to St. Louis to give their boss the good news then sent several more southwest from the Green, which led to the Bear River and later to Great Salt Lake. Smith took his remaining six men north, up the Green, to Horse Creek and eventually to the headwaters of the Hoback River.

There they found a small Eden of a valley that came to be known as Jackson's Little Hole in deference to Jackson's Big Hole, the large enclosed valley to the northwest where the Hoback flows into the Snake River (now Jackson Hole). Interestingly, this arm of the Hoback connecting these two Holes was shown as Jackson's Fork on many 19th century maps.

In spite of its idyllic beauty and abundant game, the lure of even better trapping led Jedediah and his men north to claim the larger Jackson's Hole and a valley to the west known as Pierre's Hole, which is now Teton Valley. Fortunately, it was that attraction to bigger and more abundant trapping areas that drew many more fur traders and settlers away from Jackson's Little Hole back then, as it still lures developers away today, leaving "Little Jackson Hole" as breathtakingly beautiful, serene and as rich in wildlife as it was centuries ago.

Rate Range

$525-$625 per evening per couple inclusive of all meals. Single and group rates available.

Driving Directions

Where is this Lodge at Jackson Fork?Head South from Jackson to the one-church, one-bar town of Bondurant and if you take a hard left, you've gone too far.

Once you leave Jackson, you will come to a small junction where the Hoback and Snake Rivers meet. A gas station and store are in this area. Bear left, and go up the hill on Highway 189/191 towards Pinedale. (This is the end of mobile telephone service.) The upcoming stretch of road takes you through a narrow canyon. Please drive safely.

Once you exit the canyon, the road will straighten and you enter the Bondurant area. The Elkhorn restaurant is just outside the canyon on the right.

The Upper Hoback Road turnoff is exactly 5.85 miles from The Elkhorn. Approaching the turnoff, slow down as the highway curves to the left. In the middle of this turn is a gravel road on your right called Upper Hoback Road. Turn right onto this road and continue 6.6 miles to the entrance gate of The Lodge at Jackson Fork Ranch. Enter the electronic passcode. The gates will open to permit passage and automatically close behind you.

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