Buffalo Bill's Irma Hotel

On November 1, 1902, Colonel William F. Cody opened this landmark hotel named for his daughter, Irma. The Victorian-style hotel has been visited by royalty, business and political leaders since its founding. You can stay in renovated rooms that housed some of the most famous personalities the world has ever known. You can even stay in Buffalo Bill's private suite or in a host of other historic and non-historic rooms. All have modern bathrooms and air conditioning. The dining room is graced by a priceless cherry wood bar which was a gift from the Queen of England. The hotel operates year round and is on the National Register of Historic Places.


Latitude: 44.525777 Longitude: -109.064808 Elevation: 5007 ft
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Breakfast Style Served

Full and Hearty Breakfast

Season Open

Open year-round

Driving Directions

Downtown Cody

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