Beartooth Palisades

The Palisades, forming the ridge on the northern and eastern edges of the Beartooths, are made up of three geologic formations: the Bighorn dolomite of Ordovician age, the Jefferson limestone of Devonian age, and the Madison limestone of Mississippian age. (They are called the Palisades because they resemble the palisade walls built to defend forts and cities.) These rock formations are of marine origin and were deposited in ocean waters up to several hundred feet deep. The marine origins of these rocks are evidenced by fossils. Obviously, the rocks are no longer at sea level — they must have been lifted up to their present position.

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Latitude: 45.1331029 Longitude: -109.2865849 Elevation: 6149 ft


Recreational Opportunities

Fossil viewing opportunities. Please do not remove or damage fossils so that future generations can enjoy them.

Seasons Accessible

Year-round, but tougher access when snow-covered.



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