Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness

Travel on foot or horseback in this million-acre expanse of craggy peaks above high plateaus dotted with glacial lakes. Consider hiring a guide in this wilderness.

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Latitude: 45.1200528 Longitude: -110.5444336 Elevation: 8938 ft

Recreational Opportunities

Motors and bicycles are banned from this million-acre expanse of treeless plateaus and dense forests sheltering black and grizzly bears. If you do go into these woods today, consider hiring a guide. Outfitters licensed by the National Forest Service carry liability insurance and know their way around the forest trails, high meadows and ridgelines.

Seasons Accessible


WILDERNESS TRAVEL involves a bit of risk and challenge. Good preparation and planning will help make your wilderness adventure successful and rewarding. If you prefer not to tackle a trip on your own, many commercial outfitters and guides lead trips into the wilderness, under permit by the Forest Service."

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